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Announcing the CCM Pledge

Updated: Apr 17

CCM is excited to announce The CCM Pledge - an industry pledge signed by six leading whole-body cryo (WBC) chamber manufacturers committing to “promote healthy and sustainable industry growth based on safety, transparency, customer support, and respectful conduct.”  This is what it says:

"CCM Members commit to producing safe, reliable, and high-quality equipment and to service and maintain installed machines. We will operate ethically and transparently in the marketplace, ensuring our product claims are true and verifiable, including displaying true internal air temperatures and wind chill temperatures.  We also commit to training operators to operate machines for maximum user safety and efficacy and will strive to communicate safety protocols to end users. We will collaborate with each other and all stakeholders to advance trust in and evidence-based understanding of WBC. We will strive to expand membership to all WBC manufacturers with the goal of raising standards for the entire industry."

The Chief Executives of CCM’s member companies signed the pledge at CCM’s first CEO summit in Dubai last month (dubbing the Pledge the “Dubai Declaration”). They include Enrico Klauer of MECOTEC GmbH, Marcus Wilson of CryoBuilt, Omar Maani of °CRYO Science, Burkhard Rüßmann and Sebastian Rüßmann of L&R Kältetechnik GmbH & Co.KG and Art of Cryo, Ashkan Esmat of Medner Medizintechnik, and Nick LAKHOMOFF of VACUACTIVUS/MEDSTARCOM.

"I applaud my colleagues for taking the first step with our 'Dubai Declaration,' said MECOTEC GmbH CEO and CCM co-founder and President, Enrico Klauer.  “This Pledge is an invitation to partner on the sustainable growth of WBC for patients, athletes, and everyone seeking enhanced well-being… For me, Dubai 2023 felt historic.”

The CCM Pledge aligns principles that can elevate WBC as a field of wellness known for professionalism, quality, and evidence-based benefits while encouraging innovation. “We are competitors and we will continue to compete with each other on differentiation,” said Marcus Wilson, CryoBuilt CEO and  CCM co-founder and Board Director. “We want to compete respectfully, be transparent with customers, and uncompromising on safety.”

CCM members have begun drafting specific commitments that will shape standards and the foundation for engaging stakeholders. The input of researchers and partners is key to this work. Prominent WBC researchers Christophe HAUSSWIRTH and Krzysztof Zimmer presented and advised at the CCM CEO Summit in Dubai, and Dugue Benoit provided input by video conference. Industry expert Antra Getzoff pointed to trends and opportunities in a pre-meeting.

"The science showing the benefits of WBC is strong but more is needed,” said Omar Maani, °CRYO Science CEO and CCM co-founder and Board Director. “And we as manufacturers must invite researchers to the table to collaborate on advancing scientific understanding of WBC.”

CCM welcomes all WBC manufacturers to join. 

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