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Get Informed: FAQs About The CCM Initiative & Cryotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cryo Chamber Manufacturer's Initiative, or CCM: purpose, goals, members, who is involved.

April 30, 2024 - Curious about the Cryo Chamber Manufacturers (CCM) Initiative? We've compiled answers to some common questions to shed light on our mission and objectives.

What is CCM?

CCM is an international non-profit trade association comprising manufacturers of Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) chambers.

Who is involved?

Currently, CCM boasts four member companies: Mecotec, Cryo Science, CryoBuilt, and L&R/Art of Cryo. Founded by the former three companies, CCM's board includes their CEOs. Additionally, Antra Getzoff, serves as an advisor member, and key researchers and scientists will comprise a scientific advisory board.

When was CCM established?

CCM was officially registered as a non-profit organization in December 2023. Prior to registration, founding members engaged in extensive discussions and planning throughout 2023.

What is the purpose of CCM?

CCM aims to enhance the WBC sector through fostering trust, collaboration, and understanding. Quality, safety, transparency, and responsible marketing are pivotal for establishing trust and facilitating sustainable industry growth, benefiting both businesses and users.

What will CCM do?

In 2024, CCM is focused on developing building blocks to strengthen the industry. Efforts include enhancing transparency by publishing self-reported product information across crucial data points and enrolling a 3rd party to validate the data. Additionally, CCM is working on establishing voluntary self-regulatory standards for quality, safety, marketing communications, and conduct. Partnerships with organizations like CINA and amplifying operator training programs further promote safe and effective cryotherapy practices.

What kind of standards do you want to set?

Maintaining high levels of quality and safety across machinery is paramount to ensuring optimal user experiences, safeguarding the reputation of WBC, and maintaining freedom to operate. CCM aims to set standards that define what that looks like. 

How will you verify that member companies are living up to the standards?

Member companies publicly commit to these standards, embracing accountability from competitors, operators, and users. Feedback mechanisms will allow operators to voice concerns, ensuring ongoing adherence to established principles.

Are some manufacturers not up to standard?

As with any growing industry, newcomers enter the market, driving healthy competition and innovation. Establishing quality standards early ensures clarity and direction for all involved in cryotherapy.

Are you focusing only on cryotherapy?

As WBC manufacturers, our primary focus is on whole body cryotherapy systems. We believe our impact is greatest within this domain but CCM will collaborate with broader initiatives led by organizations like CINA.

What are you doing with doctors and scientists?

Scientific evidence underpins the benefits of cryotherapy. CCM prioritizes scientific guidance and will establish a scientific advisory board to inform our initiatives.

Will you fund studies/research?

Exploration of support for independent, well-designed research is on our agenda as we continue to develop.

Is CCM US-focused or international?

CCM maintains a global outlook, with founding companies hailing from international backgrounds. Registration in Switzerland underscores our commitment to an international scope.

Is CCM a marketing initiative for member companies?

While CCM promotes the benefits of cryotherapy, its primary focus is not commercial. As a registered non-profit organization, CCM seeks to elevate the industry collectively, benefiting all stakeholders.

How can I get involved?

If you're a WBC manufacturer interested in membership, please reach out to To receive updates from CCM, sign up on our website. In the future, CCM will engage operators through various forums and initiatives.

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