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Breaking Ice: The First Independent Cryo Industry Report

Updated: Apr 12

Breakdown of cryo chamber installations by type, including electric, breathable-air nitrogen, and open-top nitrogen
Cryo chamber market

The Cryo Chamber Manufacturers Initiative (CCM) is pleased to announce the first benchmark study on the state of the global cryo landscape. Designed and authored by CCM advisory member and industry expert, Antra Getzoff, “2024 Status of the Cryotherapy Industry” identifies clear trends around deliberate cold applications that can inform manufacturers, business owners, and investors.     

Getzoff initiated the study to put an end to the “endless confusion” caused by a proliferation of unsubstantiated market reports. “When the market was young, no data of any kind was available,” she writes in the study introduction. Then, AI-generated reports started “popping up left and right”... “without clarification or agreement” about how they defined the cryotherapy market. “How was it measured? What types of cryotherapy were included?” 

CCM member companies, as well as other cryo chamber manufacturers, contributed to the study, with the results representing more than 90% of the cryo chamber market. “The study puts data behind many of the market trends we see in our daily operations worldwide, said Enrico Klauer, CCM President and MECOTEC CEO. 

CCM Board Member and CryoBuilt CEO Marcus Wilson said, “The replacement of nitrogen with electric-powered cryo chambers has rapidly accelerated in the last few years. The study shows that almost half of all chambers are electric, and the trend is accelerating.”

Specifically, the report states that “20.3% of the total number of electric installations took place in 2023, as opposed to 14.8% in heat exchange systems and just 4% in open-top nitrogen devices.” 

“The report comes at the right time, as cold exposure is gaining popularity, “said Omar Maani, CCM Board Member and CryoScience President. “It is an opportunity for CCM and others to explain the difference between the various modalities, like a 4° C ice bath and a -110° C cryo chamber”.

Sebastian Rüssmann, Managing Director of CCM member company L&R / Art of Cryo, said, “The survey is testimony to a new level of maturity in the market. First-mover entrepreneurs are joined by multi-center, investor-owned operators.” 

The report takes a deep dive into the business models of cryo centers, including a breakdown of types of locations, pricing models, services offered, staffing, profit drivers, and more. 

To obtain the cryo industry report, contact Antra Getzoff at and mention CCM for a 10% discount. The survey is free for journalists with citations. 

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